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The School for The Work
  Byron Katie

The School for The Work
8–17 March 2015
Ojai, California

If you would like to register, please call +1 805.444.5799.

$3,545 tuition
$1,865 accommodations
and $500 off tuition for registration on or before Sun., 8 February 2015.

Repeater Rate:
$2,623 tuition
$1,865 accommodations

About the School for The Work

This is the ultimate inner adventure. Unlike every other school on earth, this one isn't for learning—it's for unlearning. You'll spend nine days losing the fear-based stories you've innocently clung to all your life. They might be stories like "I'm not good enough" or "I need a partner" or "I'll never get over it" or "I have to be in control." Who would you be without those stressful stories?

PDFRichard Lawrence Cohen has shared his School experience in "The School for The Work: An Account by Richard Lawrence Cohen." (PDF file format)

At the School you'll discover that your stories are everyone's, and everyone's stories are yours. You'll be welcomed into a diverse, supportive family where you can be completely yourself without fear of judgment, perhaps for the first time in your life. You'll facilitate your classmates' Work as they open up to themselves. And then you'll trade places, and they'll do the same for you.

The School for The Work begins the first day at 6:30 p.m. (on-site registration is from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.). The School ends at noon on the last day.

This is an immersion experience—an immersion in freedom. Imagine a place where you can feel anything and say anything and know that it's all okay. Imagine that the person sitting next to you, whom you have never talked to before, asks you to facilitate her Work, and that fifteen minutes later you feel you can tell her anything.

The curriculum at the School is a living, evolving process, changing with the needs of the participants and on the basis of past students' experiences. The exercises and activities are designed to mirror the transformation Katie herself went through after she woke up to reality in 1986. You will work on issues such as gender, sex, fear, body image, addiction, money, and relationships of every kind.

Each day during the School you may find yourself feeling freer and happier than the day before. Old habits may fall away like outworn clothes. You may find yourself eager to get up in the morning so that you won't miss a moment of this unfolding adventure.

Many participants consider these nine days to be the most important days they have ever spent. Insights and realizations continue long after the School has ended, and for many people these insights are permanent. People report that they experience life in a profoundly different way, that for the first time they recognize that the universe is friendly, and that they feel a new commitment to doing The Work as a daily practice.

There is only one authorized School for The Work, and it is presented by Byron Katie, who invites you to this powerful opportunity to discover that freedom is possible in every moment.


▲ Video about the School

A message from Katie

On the first evening of the School, I often ask the participants what they want to take home from the School. They say things like “I want peace of mind” or “I want to be a more loving person” or “I want to be happy with or without my partner.” By the end of the School, I hear again and again that they have found what they were looking for. In fact, many people come out so changed that their families are entirely grateful, and sometimes even astounded, at the changes. The School works for every participant who comes to it with an open mind. The results are more radical, more generous, than you can possibly imagine.

“I have done a lot of work on conflict resolution with young Serbians and Albanians in Kosovo and on conflict resolution in general, on resilience empowerment with teachers, parents, and vulnerable groups. Before I came to the School, I knew it was going to be a very valuable experience and that I would benefit from it, as would all the people I work with, but I had no idea…

Throughout the School, I had a living feeling that I was being invited into greatness. There were times when it was hard, when I felt I was wrestling with an invisible force that was causing me excruciating pain, but nevertheless, the feeling never left me—that I had come across something so valuable and so precious and that I had an opportunity to partake in the greatness of that which IS and of which I am a part.

What fascinated me during the School is how you have organized the program in such a holistic way—activities followed one another in a way that created a massive learning curve. I am aware that what you do in The Work is beyond educational paradigms, and I am not saying this from a position of an evaluator, but as a professional interested in how people learn, I was amazed at the way you fit the content—the hard-to-explain, what is beyond what we are used to—into a perfect methodology that follows all the rules that experts on holistic education talk about.”

With endless gratitude,
—Z, from Serbia

“Before I did the School, I thought it was laziness that kept me from doing The Work; now I understand it was my ego's way of holding me back from becoming a more fully realized me. Doing The Work with others in mindfulness gives me the discipline to go deeper. I found once I got used to writing out Worksheets and taking the time with a facilitation partner, it automatically became harder to tolerate any slight shitty feelings like doubt, resentment, etc. Sometimes the stories are obvious, like when anger wells up, but sometimes it can feel like an uneasiness or a slight misgiving about a person or situation. For me it can show up in a tight stomach, fatigue, listlessness, or I distract myself with social media and answering email. I may not notice that I am swimming upstream, but decision-making feels like heavy lifting. Ego likes this; it feels at home here.

The Work shows another way. If I slow down enough and sit mindfully with what is, I begin to notice cause and effect, and learn to track my inner movements. In this space with others, I take the time to focus on what it is I am thinking. The Work doesn't get rid of thoughts, but it de-fangs them, makes them harmless. I love that.”



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