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The following Certified Facilitator events are offered to you all around the world as an opportunity to learn, experience, and deepen your practice of The Work in small groups and in your local area. Whether you are new to The Work, a School graduate, or enrolled in the Certification Program, these events are an invitation to give yourself your freedom. If you are looking for events with Byron Katie, click here.

Events listed here are the only events that are approved for Section C (Certified Facilitator events) of the Certification Program.

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Below is a listing of upcoming Events with Certified Facilitators:

► Living In Joy—Loving What Is

3–5 October 2014
Unity Village, MO USA
 Journey into God as Reality: What’s your B.S. (belief system)? What are the consequences? Who’s the matter with you? Who would you be without your story? New Possibilities are NOW!  

Martha C

► One-on-One Custom Coaching Immersion
Specializing in The Work of Byron Katie

Ongoing—Based on availability
Denmark, Maine, Los Angeles, San Diego or in the comfort of your own home,
 Be supported in your own personal work that has been waiting for you. The immersions offer a sacred time to totally focus on what is keeping you from the peace and love that you inherently are.  

Jen D

► Getting UN-Stuck in Life and Work—Transforming Limiting Beliefs

4–5 October 2014
Seattle, WA USA
 Free your own mind from the limiting beliefs and stressful thoughts that hold you back from fully stepping into your life, relationships, and work. Deepen your practice in the Work.  

Caitlin F

► Personalized Retreat, Inquiry in Santa Fe—Time out to return to yourself

Ongoing, by appointment
Santa Fe, NM USA
 In the high desert of New Mexico outside of Santa Fe, I offer the opportunity to come to a personalized retreat in times of life challenges, transitions and change.  

Lava M

► Question Your Thinking and Free Your Mind.
Speaking Your Truth in Relationships.

8–12 October 2014
Chantilly, VA USA
 Join Robyn for a 5-day retreat inquiring into the stressful thoughts surrounding your most challenged relationship. Experience gratitude and appreciation for the people in your life, regardless of what they do or don’t do, say or don’t say!  

Robyn P

► The Work Retreat in Scotland

Three Nights. Dates available year round.
Near Findhorn, Scotland
 A private retreat in a beautiful part of Northern Scotland. Give yourself a break from normal routines, an opportunity to relax your body and clear your mind. While The Work will be at the heart of your retreat, spa treatments or visits to …  

Kathy W

► The Work of Byron Katie—Yoga for the Mind

10–11 October 2014
Bentonville, AR USA
 Welcome to experience the life transforming power of The Work. Stretch your mind open to new perspectives and insights as you learn the basics of The Work.  

Helena M

► Wer bist du ohne deine Geschichte?

10–12 Oktober 2014
Wien, Österreich
 Intensivseminar mit The Work of Byron Katie  

Heinz M

► Vivre Le Travail de Byron Katie
et Revenir a L'Evidence de ce Qui Est

11–12 octobre 2014
Fontainebleau, France
 Le Travail de Byron Katie ne porte ses fruits que si il est mis en pratique !
Ces deux jours seront une opportunité de mise en pratique aussi bien si vous découvrez le Travail que si vous souhaitez approfondir la démarche.

Marie L

► Loving What Is—Part 2

11–12 October 2014
Brisbane, Australia
 Question your thinking and change your life.  

Rosie S

► The Work – Wer wärst Du ohne Deine Geschichte?

12. Oktober 2014
Bern, Switzerland
 Dieser Workshop bietet Ihnen eine Einführung in The Work und zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie The Work für sich selbst und gemeinsam mit anderen anwenden können.  

Raffael M

► Individual Retreat in Portugal

Ongoing, by appointment
Portimao, Portugal
 Retreat with 4 to 8 hours practice of The Work per day. You can choose the date and duration .You are invited to fill in JYN worksheets and to find your specific answers and examples for the turnarounds coming from specific situations.  

Jorg H

► Phone-Free Weekend—Personal Retreat with Todd Smith

Ojai, CA USA
 Be a guest in my home in Ojai, California for a weekend and do The Work with me for two solid days.  

Todd S

► Ending the War Within
Question 101 Self-Critical Thoughts

16 October–11 December 2014
 “There is something wrong with me.” “I am not worthy.” “I am too shy.” “I am not good enough.” Welcome to a deep immersion into questioning and undoing self-critical thoughts; uncovering the deeper essence of your heart and allowing your ...  

Helena M

► Having A Calm Mind: Doing The Work of Byron Katie

17–19 October 2014
Seattle, WA USA
 Having a calm mind is learning to see differently. Asking the right questions opens your mind. The Work is loving for minds that are open and want to be calm.  

Paul W

► Radical Shift—Personal The Work Retreat

Ongoing. Any one or two days we agree upon.
North San Juan, CA USA
 A healing The Work retreat just for you, working deeply on one issue or several different areas that you would love to shift, open up, gain clarity and compassion around.  

Helena M

► Wer bist du ohne deine Geschichte?

19–21 Oktober 2014
Salzburg, Österreich
 Intensivseminar mit The Work of Byron Katie  

Heinz M

► Focusing on Listening

20 October–17 November 2014
 Do you ever feel unheard, misunderstood, or disconnected from others? Listening to yourself and others at a deeper level may be the key to more intimate and fulfilling relationships.  

Aileen C

► I’m a Facilitator of The Work and that means …

20 October–24 November 2014
 In this course you will to discover and question underlying beliefs about facilitation and The Work, and witness how the beliefs hold you back as a facilitator.  

Robyn P

► Return to Innocence: 5 Day Residential Retreat

21–26 October 2014
Byron Bay, NSW Australia
 ‘Return to Inncence’
Who would you be without your story, your idea of yourself? Come join us and discover the innocence of your true being, the sweetness of you unfolding.

Rosie S

► The Work Abendgruppe

22. Oktober bis 17. Dez. 2014
Zürich, Switzerland
 Wir möchten Dir mit der Work Abendgruppe in Zürich eine Möglichkeit eröffnen, The Work kennenzulernen, regelmässig zu üben, zu vertiefen und vom Erfahrungsaustausch in der Gruppe zu profitieren. Die Gruppe eignet sich sowohl für Neueinsteiger ...  

Raffael M

► How Can I love Someone Who Disagrees with Me?

27 October–24 November 2014
 When loved ones disagree with us, we think that they are wrong. We try to change their mind and we fail. Then we feel disconnected from them. This course takes us to look at the underlying beliefs that bring stress from our loved ones.  

Marty E
Tamami F

► The WORK @ work—What is holding YOU back?

29 October–10 December 2014
 Fear, stressful thinking, judgements, and unquestioned assumptions can limit your clarity, creativity, intelligence, enjoyment, and ability to work well with people. Open your mind at work.  

Caitlin F

► Making Friends with Criticism

30 October–20 November 2014
 Do you often feel offended or defensive about other's comments about you? Let's learn how to make friends with criticism & wake up to our own self-judgments, empowering ourselves to find our freedom.  

Jen D

► I Want to be a Good Facilitator

30 October–11 December 2014
 A class designed to support those who are working towards being Helpline qualified, ITW certified, and anyone who wishes to further develop as a facilitator.  

Helen B

► Le Travail de Byron Katie
Decouvrir, Pratiquer, Approfundir

1–2 novembre 2014
Lyon, France
 Le Travail de Byron Katie ne porte ses fruits que si il est mis en pratique !
Ces deux jours seront une opportunité de mise en pratique aussi bien si vous découvrez Le Travail que si vous souhaitez approfondir la démarche.

Marie L

► Getting UN-Stuck in Life and Work—Transforming Limiting Beliefs

7–9 November 2014
Arlington (Boston area) , MA USA
 Free your own mind from the limiting beliefs and stressful thoughts that hold you back from fully stepping into your life, relationships and work. Find your clarity and joy.  

Caitlin F

► 6-week Teleclass about Sex—in English

10.-24. November and 1–15 December 2014
 Join us for this engaging 6 week teleclass where we will uncover the beliefs that prevent us from experiencing spontaneous and natural flow in sexual relationships. Be prepared for amazing discoveries!  

Olga B
Eva N

► Krankheit, Sterben, Tod (Eine Liebeserklärung an das Leben)

14–16 November 2014
Wien, Österreich
 Ein Intensivseminar mit The Work of Byron Katie, in dem wir mittels der 4 Fragen und Übungen verschiedene Aspekte von Krankheit und Tod beleuchten wollen.  

Heinz M

► The Work of Byron Katie—Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand

20–23 November 2014
Palm Beach, Waiheke Island (Aukland), New Zealand
 An Evening and 3 days immersed in The Work of Byron Katie. It Works!!!  

Gramya A
Valli W

► Childhood Revisited—Who would you be without the Story of your Childhood?

21–23 November 2014
To be announced,
 Do the Myths and Stories of your Childhood Influence your Present? With The Work of Byron Katie in our luggage we travel by various back roads and unknown paths back to our childhood to explore the myths of were we come from. Is our Childhood...  

Lotte K
Nayano S

► Radical Shift into Love— The Work for Couples

22–23 November 2014
Nevada City, CA USA
 Welcome to a heart opening weekend. Learn how to use The Work together to hear each other, work through issues and experience each other’s beauty without the stories.  

Helena M

► Werk & Geld

6–7 december 2014
Amsterdam, Holland
 Leveren gedachten over werk en inkomen wel eens stress op? Onderzoek ze een weekend lang met behulp van de Work!  

Aafke Satyananda H

► A year with The Work—Jaartraining The Work

10 januari–14 november 2015
Amsterdam, Holland
 Wil je dieper in The Work duiken? Wil je The Work verder in je leven integreren? Doe mee aan deze jaartraining!  

Aafke Satyananda H

► The Gift of Cancer
Cancer, Fear, and Dying

15 January–19 February 2015
 Our circular thoughts about cancer, pain, and dying are the root cause of the devastation and terror of a cancer diagnosis. Investigate and set yourself free! Peace is possible.  

Joy K
Bríd N

► A year with The Work 2—Jaartraining The Work 2

18 januari–15 november 2015
Amsterdam, Holland
 Wil je dieper in The Work duiken? Wil je The Work verder in je leven integreren? Doe mee aan deze jaartraining!  

Aafke Satyananda H

► Einführung in The Work von Byron Katie

12. – 15.2. 2015
Bensheim, Germany
 Ein- und Tieferführung in die Selbsterfahrungsmethode: The Work  

Eva N

► The Work Down Under

14–19 April 2015
Otford, NSW Australia
 Five day Intensive with The Work of Byron Katie offered for the first time by 5 Certified Facilitators from Australia and New Zealand.  

Gramya A
Sheryn G
Rosie S
Sally P

Valli W

► Ausbildung zum Coach für The Work Teil 1

14. Mai – 18. Juni 2015
Bensheim , Germany
 Diese zwei mal 4 Tage sind der Teil I zur Ausbildung Coach für The Work, mit Anerkennung vom Verein für The Work (vtw)  

Eva N

► Ausbildung zum Coach für The Work Teil 2

19. – 24. Oktober 2015
Bensheim , Germany
 Diese 6 Tage sind der Teil II zur Ausbildung Coach für The Work, mit Anerkennung vom Verein für The Work (vtw)  

Eva N


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